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It’s surprising, I know, but it seems that sayingArgh! I can’t do it anymore! It’s too much trouble!” is not the way to get someone to volunteer to take over the TV, eh? show on Blogtalkradio. Besides, I’d tried and failed to get a regular co-host early on – I never did really want to be the host myself – so I wasn’t holding out much hope that anyone would want to take it over completely, scheduling and all. I’ve got a couple of shows already lined up, and then they’ll likely take an extended hiatus, potentially to be resurrected later, potentially to fade into oblivion.

My guests this Sunday include:

  • Amber Marshall, who plays Amy Fleming on Heartland, which returns to CBC this Sunday.
  • David Alpay — Mark Smeaton on The Tudors, airing Tuesdays on CBC.
  • Trish Stratus of Stratusphere, airing on CTV on Saturdays.

(Yes, one of those names will be familiar as last week’s stand-up, but he is also the only stander-upper to ever apologize, so all is forgiven.)

I’m taking a break for Thanksgiving weekend but there’s a show on Oct. 19 too, with Mark Critch of This Hour Has 22 Minutes and Jonas Chernick of The Border.

Listen live this Sunday at 11 am Pacific/2 pm Eastern and join the discussion by calling 646-200-4063 (or sign in and look for the Click to Talk button on the show site). Or catch the podcast afterward.