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I’m not trying to make a profit from the TV, eh? site, and I do a really, really good job of not making a profit. But mostly for fun, and also to potentially help fund the expenses of the site, I’ve set up a Spreadshirt shop to sell tees and baseball caps.

One weird glitch I’ve found is that you can’t easily tell that the two t-shirts that have sayings on the back also have the TV, eh? emblem on the right sleeve. You can see it if you click on the item and select that view, but you have to know you’re looking for it. The sayings are also customizable. If you don’t like the quotes I’ve selected, pick your own (or delete altogether).

The quotes I’ve got are:

Television: teacher, mother, secret lover.
– Homer Simpson


Television is more interesting than people. If it weren’t, we would have people standing in the corner of our living rooms.

Items ship from the US so duty may apply (I can’t find a comparable Canadian site). Check it out here.