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I completely missed Canadian Thanksgiving this year – something about going from Egypt to Edmonton to LA that day and working as soon as I hit the ground. Today is American Thanksgiving, which, oddly, I only ever celebrated the two years I lived in Mexico, where they don’t celebrate Thanksgiving at all.

But while I got screwed out of turkey and pumpkin pie this year, I find myself reflecting on what I’m thankful for lately, and today seems like a good opportunity to express it. So pardon the sappiness.

I could examine my life and focus on what’s lacking, but I (mostly) choose not to. And when I do succumb to the negative, that’s why emo music was invented.

But how could I experience such an incredible Egyptian vacation with such an incredible person and not feel grateful for the means to travel, the ability to appreciate the world around me, and the company of someone who knows me so well and still voluntarily spends time with me?

How could I not feel grateful for a job that gave me such a great work experience in Los Angeles, and at the same time the opportunity to see some wonderful people I don’t get to see often enough?Also, I got a personal tour of NASA JPL. That is insanely cool.

I don’t need international travel to consider myself lucky, either. I’m thankful for the ability to appreciate the beauty of the snow falling, the taste of a pumpkin latte, the warmth of a fuzzy cat, the comfort of solitude and of knowing my friends are a phone call or text away if cabin fever descends.

I look at my life and the people in it and realize I would have to be the biggest ingrate to not be thankful every day, not just Thanksgiving Day(s). And I’m thankful for the ability to be thankful for what I have.