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I thought I had maybe one more article in me related to the Banff festival, about multi-platform programming that has a life completely separate from TV, but then something else came out instead. I hadn’t intended to write anything specific about the Canadian TV industry, because I didn’t think I could make sense out of what I heard there … but I ended up writing about how what I heard didn’t make sense to me. It’s sort of a companion piece to The Invisible Networks, which was written pre-Banff. I’m sure the mostly American Blogcritics readers will be bored to tears with this, but whatever. Is it too ironic that I don’t care, when I’m writing about the perils of ignoring your audience?

The whole Banff series is here:

The other article’s still coming, but here’s the short version: I’m going to title it “Will the Internet Kill TV?” and then use many, many words to say “no.”