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Hello? Is this thing on? Ahem … so … hi there. Long time no write. Which means any regular readers I once had have moved on, as I did. But I’m reviving the blog now that my day job is winding down and vacations are starting up, so I have a place to share with friends, family, and random Internet strangers my travel experiences and whatever other random thoughts try to coalesce in my brain.

I pretty much abandoned this blog and most remnants of a life after that day job took every scrap of energy and/or time I had. I migrated to Twitter, not intending it to be a replacement for blogging. It ended up seeming that way, since 140-character bite-sized thoughts are a lot easier to spew regularly than full-fledged blog posts. If you follow me there, or know me in real life, you know I’m at the tail-end of a contract with the host broadcaster for the 2010 Olympics and Paralympics (no, not CTV or NBC … someday I’ll post about my experiences and explain in more than 140 words what the role of a host broadcaster is for those, like me before taking the job, who don’t know.)

Now I look forward to writing about something other than sports broadcasting and 140-character thoughts. If I remember how. In the meantime, I just wanted to say hi. I’ve missed you.