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So after focus group testing (aka pestering friends and family), exercising my dictatorial powers, and a completely unscientific poll, the Canadian TV site is now officially called: TV, Eh? What’s Up in Canadian TV. I bet that surprises even Suldog, who seemed to be suggesting the title in jest. But offline, it got by far the most unsolicited “you have to go with THATs” plus it earned more than half the poll votes. The official URL is now but the WordPress link will work, too.

There were lots of good suggestions that didn’t make the poll cut for various reasons, but I really appreciate everyone who played along.

Oh, and don’t like it? Feel like complaining to me that you don’t like it? Cut me a cheque for $100,000 for Title Sponsorship, and you can pick the name. Don’t have that kind of money lying around? Feel free to start your own site and call it whatever you want.