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Cute with Chris

Chris has an Internet show filled with kitties and puppies and cuteness and snark. Yes, all coexisting peacefully. He’s on a mission to make viewer Craig and his lookalike kitty an Internet sensation. This is Craig:

This is Chris:

Rilo Kiley

You can listen to Rilo Kiley’s new album free on MySpace right now and read a Q&A with singer/songwriter Jenny Lewis by the LA Times.

Kitty Haiku

My brother found this kitty haiku which is eerily similar to my kitty’s evolution. He was always affectionate, but fairly wild when he first adopted me 15 years ago. He’d come screaming around the corner with all 24 claws and however many teeth exposed to attack. Once that was over and your arms were shredded, he’d be ready for cuddles. Now, he’s just a giant ball of mush.


This is cool. Discover new music depending on your mood and preferences.

Siskel and Ebert

The Balcony Archive is now online. Watch them bicker like an old married couple. Ah, the good old days of the two thumbs.