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The Great Twitter Experiment has already given me a little brainstorm. I’m going to gather any appropriate “tweets” every so often and include here too, for painless posts between my now very occasional “real” posts. (All together now: duh. In my defense … uh, it didn’t occur to me before.)

It’ll end up being a collection of TV-related links that interest me and short thoughts on what I’m watching. I’ll try to post any videos I link to there in same-day posts here, too (this time they’re just included below as links). And I won’t be able to resist fleshing out those 140 character posts a little, at least fixing syntax. Drives me nuts to write in text speak.

  • Wired and the LA Times have nearly the same article today: science fact in TV fiction, like House, Breaking Bad, Big Bang Theory, etc.
  • Trailer Park Boys series finale sneak peek. I’m no fan, but with 7 seasons, they’ve done just fine without me.
  • Dollhouse’s Eliza Dushku on the Friday night death slot: “Dude, we’re in the age of DVR. People watch what they want to watch.” Dude, ask Tim Kring how much DVR ratings count.
  • If only Ned could bring Pushing Daisies back to life. I’ll really miss that show.
  • Rick Mercer‘s rant on Stephen Harper. (If you don’t know Mercer or Harper, you’re not Canadian and won’t care.)
  • Slowly rewatching old Cupid. Both anticipating and dreading new Cupid. Please don’t suck, new Cupid. I want to love you.
  • Tivo guilt? Not me. I’m ruthless with the deleting.
  • Love Dexter. Love Jimmy Smits. Not sure I love Jimmy Smits on Dexter.
  • The LA Times is really reaching for good news: “A SAG strike won’t cripple TV.” Sure, not if all you watch is Til Death, 90210, or Canadian TV.
  • Watching Cock’d Gunns screeners in preparation for an interview. It’s a cross between Spinal Tap and Trailer Park Boys. I think. I never saw Spinal Tap.

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