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The latest roundup of pop culture thoughts, previously posted to Twitter (some have been edited to get rid of the horrendous grammar/puzzling phrasing caused by 140 characters or less):

  • The Hollywood Foreign Press is a joke but I love me some Golden Globes. Open bar=entertaining awards show.
  • Favourite Golden Globe moments? Slumdog Millionaire win. Mickey Rourke thanking his dogs, but not the writer of The Wrestler. Tina Fey‘s Internet joke (“If you ever start to feel too good about yourself, they have this thing called the Internet”). Ricky Gervais’ Holocaust Extras shout out to Kate Winslet (“Well done, Winslet! I told you, Do a holocaust movie and it will come”).
  • List of Canadian TV types on Twitter. Let me know if I’m missing someone.
  • Any time I interview some about a scifi show I’m told it’s not really scifi. Selling that genre to wider audience clearly not easy, but come on.
  • Forced to watch Tropic Thunder. So not my kind of movie, but yeah, some very funny moments. “Never go full retard.”
  • Writing interview w/director David Straiton of Defying Gravity. Not one of my finest and I hate listening to my voice at the best of times. Ugh. (Interviewee Straiton is great, though, the ugh was all for me. Frequent references to House as example of his points – he knew my weakness.)
  • Warming up before venturing out again by watching ZOS: Zone of Separation in prep for interviews. Terrific but disturbing – ffwding through torture/landmines.
  • Enrico Colantoni spends entire Zone of Separation series wandering around in a Speedo and ammo belt. Not a pretty sight but he’s hilarious.
  • Bad: updating the TV, eh? site is taking more time than usual lately. Good: Because more Canadian shows are airing than usual.
  • Final Pushing Daisies eps not airing anytime soon, but TV Guide says ABC contractually obligated to … sometime.

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