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It’s finally here:

  • The first TV, Eh? podcast (the link takes you to the TV, Eh? post with show notes and a link to the podcast – your computer will make no sudden sounds by clicking on it)

The podcast feed is at:

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Thanks to everyone who participated and offered support along the way. Actually I’ll post part of the email I sent them:

It’s longer than I’d intended, and in fact longer than it was before I destroyed the thing and decided not to edit as rigorously as I had the first time in order to get it up before *everything* Caroline and I talked about was out of date. And, like the site, it’s a grassroots effort, so don’t expect perfection. And I’m restraining myself from adding more disclaimers and neuroses.

Anyway, thank you so much to those of you who participated, but also to those who supported the project in spirit if not actual words. Feel free to link from your sites, or post the podcast and/or show notes on your own site, and/or distribute at will. I’ll be submitting to podcast directories and otherwise publicize but for now I need to get some sleep.