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  • I have nothing but amused scorn for the Golden Globes, until they give Hugh Laurie an award. Two consecutive awards, in fact. They’re geniuses.
  • David Shore and Bill Lawrence duke it out over the Scrubs “homage” to House. No, not exactly, but that would make for a better story.
  • CBC’s Little Mosque on the Prairie just played a rerun of the pilot. Again. In the timeslot that is supposed to be a new episode, according to CBC’s site, and my site, which got its information from their site. I’m confused. They change the timeslot after its spectacular debut and then either mix up the publicity for the second, or air the wrong episode? Based on the official show site, it looks like maybe the Wednesday timeslot might be the new episode, and the Monday one the repeat. That’s not what previous press releases have said, though. Interesting strategy for CBC to try to hold on to the viewers who tuned in en masse for the pilot last week. Twice.