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Way to go, Vancouver. About a week ago, we were a day or two away from beating the record for most days in a row with rainfall. I was disappointed when we didn’t hit that milestone. I mean, if you’re going to have this much rain, might as well have a reason to celebrate it, right? But February brings good news – it turns out we did beat the record for the most number of rainy days in a given month, with 29 days of rainfall in January. We also surpassed the most rain to fall in the city for a January.

During the rainy season in Mexico City, where I lived before coming to Vancouver, an entire ocean would fall from the sky every afternoon for about an hour, but it was otherwise sunny and mild year-round. When I decided to move to Vancouver, people in my sunny native Alberta warned me that I’d find the grey skies and rain depressing, but I wasn’t worried. I like rain. I’d already lived in a city with a distinct rainy season.

But there are limits. I also like sun and blue skies, if I remember correctly.

Also in the news today: The area also made #43 on a list of the most expensive places to live in the world, tying with Montreal for tops in Canada.

Why do I love it here again? Oh yeah … it’s pretty. When you can see it through the clouds.