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I guess obviously by now, no same-day House review. Pick your excuse – they’re all true:

a) The freakish Vancouver weather continues to play havoc with our utilities, meaning my cable – including Internet – cut out half an hour after I saw the show. I again make grateful sacrificial offerings to the eastern time zone FOX feed, without which I wouldn’t have seen the episode at all.

b) I’m not feeling well and used the lack of Internet as an excuse not to do the review and to go to bed at 8. Which is why I’m up now at 1.

c) I thought the episode was lame in ways the show has never been lame before, and wanted time to ponder so my review was more considered than “Wow, that was lame.” Oh well, I guess I can take consolation in the fact that it hit the reset button on the series as well as the patient’s brain, so we should be back to same old House, the House the show excels at, soon.