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I posted another repurposed TV, eh? Blogtalkradio interview on Blogcritics, from X-Weighted participant Gaia:

  • X-Weighted Participant Sheds Self-Doubt Along With Pounds
    “‘For me, it wasn’t just about losing weight to get skinny. I mean, skinny is nothing,’ Gaia said. ‘I wanted to change the way I live. I wanted to change the way I see myself. I wanted to change my attitude toward my body. I wanted to change my life. That’s not something you can do in six months and it’s something I’m continuing to work on but I feel like I’ve made tremendous strides and I feel more positive and hopeful about the future than I ever have.'” Read more.

And I forgot to mention this before, but Joe Clark posted a transcript of his interview from that same show:

  • Transcript of interview on the TV, Eh? podcast
    “It’s the latest, you know, foray in my quixotic effort to get a pittance of money together to start a research project to actually develop and write, and then test, a viable standard for things like captioning and three other fields of accessibility – one for blind people and also subtitling and dubbing. Because at present there are no independently-developed and -tested standards for things like captioning, which is one reason why captioning sucks – because there is no set and tested way of doing it.” Read more.