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I don’t like a lot of clutter on my fridge but I do have a few magnets I love. Bonus: one holds tickets to the next event I’m attending, and one covers a mysterious dent in the stainless steel that was either caused by a visitor’s bike or Foster my fat cat trying to break in.

The newest is my favourite right now, from the Yay! Life! series. (Though I’m sure I would also love a Boo! Life! series.)

I picked it up partly because of one aspect of the void I feel without my brother — he and I were on the same side of the skeptic scale, and in a world of people who want to talk about astrology we could mock pseudoscience together. But also, I just love the simple expression of unabashed enthusiasm … that inevitably provokes people to yuck on your yum, as Ze Frank would say.

Voluntarily placing yourself in the yay science camp with the rationalists, skeptics, humanists, whatever label you like, gives people a box to put you in. “You’re a nice person for an atheist” a friend once told me. “You don’t believe in anything” said another, though my beliefs are strong – just opposed to hers.

Science is sterile. Cold. Unemotional. Denies the mysteries of life.

Bullshit. Science is critical thinking. Experimentation. Miraculous (figuratively speaking).

Science is this:

Science is this:

Science is this: